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The international arab journal of information technology

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The international arab journal of information technology

A Comparative Study on Various State of the Art Face Recognition Techniques under Varying Facial Expressions

A MMDBM Classifier with CPU and CUDA GPU computing in various sorting proceduresA New (k, n)

Secret Image Sharing Scheme (SISS)

A New Way of AcceleratingWeb by Compressing Data with Back Reference-prefer Geflochtener

A Novel Swarm Intelligence Algorithm For The Evacuation Routing Optimization Problem

A Probabilistic Approach to Building Defect Prediction Model for Platform-based Product Lines

Abductive Network Ensembles for Improved Prediction of Future Change-Prone Classes in Object-Oriented Software

An Approach for Identifying Failure-Prone State of Computer System

An Architecture of Thin Client-Edge Computing Collaboration for Data Distribution and Resource Allocation in Cloud

An Efficient Perceptual of CBIR System using MIL-SVM Classification and SURF Feature Extraction

An Improved Statistical Model of Appearance under Partial Occlusion

An Unsupervised Feed Forward Neural Network Method for Efficient Clustering

Artificial Immune Algorithm for Handwritten Arabic Word Recognition

Chaotic Encryption Scheme Based on A Fast Permutation and Diffusion Structure

Constructing a Lexicon of Arabic-English Named Entity using SMT and Semantic Linked Data

Contextual Text Categorization An Improved Stemming Algorithm to Increase the Quality of Categorization in Arabic Text

Effects of Network Structures and Fermi Function’s Parameter β in Promoting Information Spreading on Dynamic Social Networks

Efficient Adaptive Frequent Pattern Mining Techniques for Market Analysis in Sequential and Parallel Systems

Efficient Segmentation of Arabic Handwritten Characters Using Structural Features

Enhanced Constrained Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Optimization Problems

Extending Information System Models to the Health Care Context An Empirical Study and Experience from Developing Countries

Features Modelling in Discrete and Continuous Hidden Markov Models for Handwritten Arabic Words Recognition

Forecasting of Chaotic Time Series Using RBF Neural Networks Optimized By Genetic Algorithms

Global Software Development Geographical Distance Communication Challenges

Image Compression based on Iteration-Free Fractal and using Fuzzy Clustering on DCT Coefficients

Internal Model Control to Characterize

Inter-Path OOS Packets Differentiation Based Congestion Control for Simultaneous Multipath Transmission

Method-level Code Clone Detection for Java through Hybrid Approach

Muzzle Classification Using Neural Networks

Named Entity Recognition for Automated Test case Generation

New Replica Server Placement Strategies using Clustering Algorithms and SOM Neural Network in CDNs

Pair Programming A Teaching and Learning Tool for Defending Student’s Mental Energy

Performance analysis of FCM based ANFIS and ELMAN neural network in software effort estimation

QoS Adaptation for PublishSubscribe Middleware in Real-Time Dynamic Environments

Real-time Watermarking Algorithm of H.264AVC Video Stream

Rule Schema Multi-Level for Local Patterns

Service-Oriented Process Modelling for Device Control in Future Networks

Smart City Application Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies Based Smart Waste Collection Using Data Mining Approach and Ant Colony Optimization

Software Defect Prediction in Large Space Systems through Hybrid Feature Selection and Classification

Splay Thread Cooperation on Ray Tracing as A Load Balancing Technique In Speculative Parallelism And Gpgpu

TDMCS An Efficient Method for Mining Closed Frequent Patterns over Data Streams Based on Time Decay Model

The Veracious Counting Bloom Filter

Towards A UML Profile for Context-Awareness Domain

UCOM Offline Dataset-An Urdu Handwritten Dataset Generation

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